Terms and COnditions


Please be aware that there are risks for presence of allergens in our products due to all the ingredients are processed on the same equipment as other allergens triggers ingredients such as peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, soy, wheat, coconut, etc. Our products are currently not gluten free, but we’re working to provide that option to our customers.

We are not responsible for any damages to cakes/desserts after pickup/delivery. Please follow the instructions provided to you for transporting your products and ensure you have insurance for any delivery service you choose to pick up your order. Velross Delectable Cakes does not deliver at this time.

Care and Transport Instructions:

  • All cakes are covered with buttercream, cream cheese and/or chocolate ganache frostings that can melt rapidly under hot humid conditions; therefore, we highly recommend that customers do not leave our desserts in warm, hot and/or humid temperatures. Avoid placing cakes and desserts under directly sunlight areas.
  • All regular cakes are packaged in a cake box with a cake board and tall/tiers cakes come on sturdy cake boards. Please place on a flat non slip surface and keep them cool while transporting.
  • Cakes with dairy products (cream cheese frosting & custards/fruits filling) must be stored in the fridge and bring to home temperature prior to serving 30 mins to 2 hrs max

Terms and conditions:

Velross is not a storefront bakery. We make cakes/cupcakes/desserts on demands only. We have to place necessary order for ingredients/supplies when orders are received. Please read carefully the following terms and conditions before ordering,

  • 50% deposit due at time orders are placed to secure your pick up date.
  • Orders will only be confirmed when initial deposit payment is received
  • Payment balance is due 1 week prior to pick up date. Please note that orders will not be completed until final payment is received.
  • There will be a 35% cancellation fee applied to all orders cancelled 10 days prior to due date. There will be no refunds for cancellations within 10 days to pick up date
  • In the event we have to cancel your order(s) due family or any other emergency situations, we will provide you with a full refund and try assisting you, to the best of our ability, in finding another suitable/alternate vendor(s). There is no warranty that the suggested vendor(s) will provide you with the same products than us as each vendor has its own particular recipe/taste
  • Changes to your existing order have to be made only 2 weeks prior to pick up date for regular celebration cakes and 1 month for wedding cakes
  • We do not offer any refunds once orders have been picked up.

Agreement to terms and conditions:

By proceeding with your order you are hereby in agreement to our terms and conditions as stated.




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